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Voice Over IP Not Over Internet !

What Does it Bring To You

Uncompromised Call Quality

Inherently VoIP call quality is better than analog. However traditional VoIP providers run on the public internet becoming susceptible to bottlenecks and taking a long and uncontrolled path. By eliminating the Internet and running VoIP on a Direct loop you do not lose any packets or create delay running voip on 100% call quality.

Stable Like Traditional Telephony

Running VoIP on a direct loop is comparable to analog phone lines that run on a direct loop to a central instead of a datacenter reached using multiple uncontrolled paths over the internet. The only difference is that loop is an IP loop and unlike other VoIP providers no additional risks are added because of the pass over the internet.

Calls Are Private

Since calls run on your own private loop none of your conversation traverses the internet making them impossible to trace. Traditional VoIP providers are susceptible to packets being sniffed on the internet.

Large Capacity

Traditional VoIP providers are limited by Internet bandwidth and geared towards SMB. With Origen call capability is virtually limitless we can install single or multiple loops to satisfy your needs. This Controlled and dedicated environment is geared towards enterprise needs of extreme stability and capacity.