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Voice over IP for :

Voice Over IP Not Voice Over Internet !

G 7.22 HD Codec Support

G7.22 uses a wider speech bandwidth of 50-7000 Hz. This provides superior audio quality and clarity compared to traditional telephony, which operate on a narrow 300-3400 Hz speech bandwidth.

T 38 Fax Support

    To optimise and improve your Fax to Email service :

    • Eliminate the effects of packet loss through data redundancy
    • Benefit from a optimized bandwith
    • Get an accurate PCM clock synchronization

Years Of Uptime

Be assured that we will always provide you the most efficient network. Check out our uptime history on Pingdom !

Dedicated IP Loop Available

With our dedicated IP loop, your VoIP connection never needs to go through the Internet.

International DID Coverage Strictly Via Tier 1 Providers

Need an International phone number ? We can provide you phone numbers with almost every countries terminations.

Open Softphone And Phones

We make sure that our Phones and Softphones are opened so you can still take advantage of our services !

International Termination

Need to call internationally ? At Origen we only deal with the top provider to assure you the best quality of service.

Comprehensive PBX Compatibility

Our service compatible with a lot of PBX. Even if you want to keep your PBX, we can still offer the service.

Working With The Best To Provide The Best

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