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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can we keep our number?


  • We've tested VoIP before and were less than impressed. Actually, we found that it felt "cheap"

    We provide enterprise-class solution for small- and medium-sized business (SMB) budgets; Though there are numerous ways to cut corners, in this growing industry, Origen is heavily invested in providing enterprise-class solutions; In fact, the system which we provide to our clients is equivalent a $100,000 system purchase and is still being improved, from time to time, as our client base steadily grows. In fact, nearly half of our growth has come from referrals.

  • Our current system is maxed-out and we're faced with an expensive system upgrade. Will we get stuck like this with Origen's service?

    No. You’ll be very happy with our service, because of how easy and quickly we can adapt to your business. Because of our system’s scalability, there is no need for a central system upgrade, as we handle this on our end; All that is required are an additional high-speed Internet jack, electrical plug and telephone, per additional extension.

  • Will I be able to integrate my IP telephones with my Microsoft Exchange?

    It is possible upload contacts’ lists into the phones’ directories.

  • Can I use Origen from anywhere in the world?

    Yes. your Origen account provides you with complete portability. All that an employee requires is their IP phone, plugged into a high-speed Internet connection.

  • When porting our number to Origen, will our service be interrupted?

    No. The number porting process is seamless and invisible.

  • What is the sign-up process?

    Port-over your phone number, or select a new one, with our Line & Number Portability department. An invoice from your current carrier is required, as proof, in order to transfer/port your number. This process usually requires 7-21 business days; Your phone service behaves normally. Alternatively, select a new telephone number from our stock of available numbers. Select a number from your local area code; Select a number from a target area code, such as a client-rich city, or a city into which the company will be expanding; Select a number from our stock of 1-800 numbers, in order to improve your businesses’ accessibility. Schedule a set-up time, with our Service Department. A representative from Origen’s service department will contact you to schedule a time to set-up your service. Meet with one of our technicians, who will set-up your service. Set-up usually requires half an hour to three hours’ time (Sometimes, as little as five minutes.); Employees who wish for a brief and thorough training will be indulged.

  • Are calls made through Origen secure?

    Yes, all calls are sent securely through Origen's IP network.

  • How does the sound quality compare to my current phone?

    Being a completely digital service, the quality is already better than analog service; Origen integrates high-definition, taking voice clarity even further.

  • Which IP phones can I use with Origen?

    We support Aastra phones because of their exceptionally high quality and because we know that all the advanced features work with it. However, If you already have IP phones let us know. You might be able to keep them.

  • Do I need a fixed / static IP to use Origen?

    No, you do not need a static IP address to enjoy the advantages of Origen. Origen is designed to work in a dynamic address (DHCP) environment, such as that available with most home gateway routers.

  • Will the Origen service interfere with my Internet connection?

    The Origen service routes your incoming and outgoing voice calls right alongside the data being sent to or from your computer. Thus, you can make and receive calls while you use your computer to access the Internet. Origen uses advanced audio compression techniques to minimize the data traffic caused by voice calls and maximize the bandwidth available for your other Internet traffic.

  • Is there a chance you will be bought-out by a large telco (ex.: Bell; Rogers; etc.)?

    It has not happened for more than 10 years, even though we are growing by 60% a year, on average. There are no plans for it. We like our independence and quality of relationships with our clients.

  • Do we have to purchase tens of thousands of dollars of equipment to use Origen’s service?

    No. All that is needed are VoIP phones, which we can provide.

  • Can employees have an office extension in their homes?

    Yes. If desired, such remote extensions can be programmed to display the office number on caller ID.

  • Can I have access to the fastest internet speed?

    Telecommunication infrastructures are changing. Contact our team to see the speeds available for your company.