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Fiber connectivity for:

The Best Transit In The Fiber Internet Business

Why Does Transit Matter?

Reach Any Network In The World In Just A Few Milliseconds

With multiple high quality upstream providers specializing in specific regions, Origen gives you a direct Fiber Internet connection to any part of the world.

Extreme Redundancy

Whereas most fiber internet providers only have one upstream, Origen has a whole portfolio. Many of these upstreams would have to go down before our customers even notice a slowdown let alone go down.

No Oversubscribing

Most fiber internet service provider saturate their upstream by oversubscribing the amount customers in relation to their total capacity. Origen has almost a 1 to 1 ration keeping bandwidth available.

No Packet Loss

Because Origen has direct upstream to target geographical locations and ample bandwidth the likelihood of packetloss to anywhere in the world is minimal.