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Fiber connectivity for:

We Really Don’t Want To Brag But...

Multi-Homed BGP Network

Our Multi-Transit BGP, Fiber , network allows many benefits: Strong redundancy, shortest path to any destination and high bandwidth availability.

Cisco Backbone

Our core network is run on Cisco Carrier grade equipment. It is know in the industry for its reliability and redundancy.

Years of Uptime Reported by Pingdom

Pingdom is an external unbiased entity that monitors and calculates network uptime. This far, Origen has registered many years of uptime with Pingdom. See for your self.

Layer 2 Without Limits

Origen offers point to point layer 2 link with Q in Q support. This allows freedom of Vlan transparency allowing your organization to pass Vlan tags across branch locations.

Dream Team On Staff

Composed of industry experts our core team is all Cisco certified with other major brands certifications in their name. This also includes CCIE's the top of the food chain when it comes to certifications.

IPv6 Ready For the Future

Origen's network is ready to fully supports IPv6. We are ready for the future, and you.

Working With The Best To Provide The Best

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